Tommy Funka - Guest Mix & Interview

Brand New Guest Mix & Interview from DJ Tommy Funka.
Listen to the best UKG sounds mixed by the man himself & get to know more on the FreekFm Dj.
From first memories to favourite movies, tracks, influences & more.

Full tracklist at bottom of post.

Im A self taught DJ & recently Remixer/Producer.
Ive been DJing for a good few years first playing about on a set of decks at the age of about 10 but been DJing seriously since around 2006 when i gained my first radio show on Londons Touch 94.0 FM

First memories of Ukg ?
I use to share a bedroom when i was younger with my older brother who was in to house & garage & he had a set of turntables in the bedroom.
when ever he used to go out i use to play about on them playing records from the likes of Ramsey & Fenn scott Garcia Todd Edwards etc.
I also use 2 get kept awake at night from him listening to stations such as Freek FM which I’m pleased to say I’m apart of Today.
Around 2001 when i was about 14 i use to go to under 18 events at my local nightclubs Atlantis at Epping Forest Country Club and Time and Envy in Romford also around this time i got my own set of turntables as a birthday present and started buying records like Wookie - Scrappy Jammin - Go DJ.
I also spent a lot of spare time locked on to local stations Like Temptation & Flava 87.6 Recording shows & listening to them on my walkman.

Influences ?
well I’m sure everyone says this but EZ he’s defo a big influence for me. but also all the DJs that use to be on the stations i listened to growing up which made me think i wanna do this and gave me the passion and drive to work hard and gain my own radio show.

Your style ?
My style can vary depending on where my set is & my audience.
I love to cut it and chop it specially with some bassy bangers, I’m not really one to play it safe.

Favourite 3 tracks from yourself ?
Firstly gotta be my remix of clean Bandits - Rather Be had such a good response from it and loads of feedback from other DJs who support my Remixes/Productions.
also my new tune Wanna Play Now I’m happy with the way its turned out & also had some good feedback on that one.
Thirdly my Remix for Promo & MC IC - We Got The Vibe as it ment alot to me when MC IC came to me and asked me to Remix it for him & Promo.

Whats instore this year / next ?
Expect to see alot of new productions from me and some more Remixes, I’m also focussing on getting my stuff heard and many other DJ/Producers stuff on my new radio show on Every Thursday afternoon 12 - 2PM

Who would you like to work with ?
As for producers it would have to be Save Link As hes producing some wicked stuff @ the mo and I’ve known him for a good few years so would be great to work with him.
As for artists i plan to work with and do summin soon with MC IC

Whats on your player ? What you listening too ?
Beat & Wisks Remix of Cleptomaniacs - All I Do
Save Link As - Little Roller
Tru Sub Ft Moy Moy, MC IC, & Daniel Walker - Fire
Miss CoCo Brown - Destiny (Yllavation 2 Step Mix)
Artful Ft Donaeo - Im In Love

3 things you cant live without ?
Music, My CDJs , My Macbook & Logic

Favourite movie ?
Goodbye Charlie Bright
(Takes me back to when i was growing up)

Closing comments
first wanna thank urselfs at The UKG Force for your supporting & for this interview, also everyone who’s supporting my music at the moment.
Also don’t forget to lock in to my radio show on
Thursdays 12 - 2 PM

Booking info
Twitter: @TommyFunka


Miss CoCo Brown - Destiny (Yllavation 2 Step Mix)
Wildchild - Renegade Master (Friend Within Refix)
Save Link As - Little Roller
Golf Clap - Midnight Hour (Tommy Funka Remix)
Route 94 vs Beat a Maxx - My Love for Garage
Unknown - sweet Harmony (2014)
DJ Wolly B - Mind, Body & Soul vs Topcat
Robinson Dubz No.4 - What Goes Around?
Tommy Funka - Wanna Play Now
Tru Sub Ft Mc IC Moy Moy & Daniel Walker - Fire
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (Tommy Funka Remix)
SLK - Hype Hype (99DB Mashup Remix)
Moska - Bax (Spooky’s Refix)
Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Bump & Flex Dancehall Dub
Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Beat & Wisk’s Bump & Vex Bootleg)
TNT - Rush The DJ (Tommy Funka Refix)
Promo Ft MC IC - We Got The Vibe (Tommy Funka Remix)
Hadean -The Illest
Kat Dahlia - Gangsta (DJ Junior Uk 2 Step Remix)

My Productions & Remixes Can Be Found Here: @FUNKstAr-Audio

n2014 mxs iint

Tony Tokyo - Poison Dart

Posion Dart' is a new upbeat & energetic H&G instrumental for march 2014 by Tony Tokyo.
Have a butchers & let us know in the comments below if your feeling this one.

n2014 itml

DJ Mike Mission - UK Garage Dubplates (Badboy Bass Mix)

The "Spirit Of The Sun" is engrained into this Badboy Bassline set filled with the phatest dubplates from yesteryear which moved us worldwide from sunset to sunrise. 
Pure 2Step breakbeat rhythms from the UK Garage legends: Groove Chronicles, Wookie, Wideboys, DJ LT & Mr Wise, S.I.A, Dubaholics, Once Waz Nice & Sticky!
One of my best compilations to be uploaded on Souncloud, so please leave a comment, support and share!

UK Garage Dubplates (Badboy Bass Mix) Playlist:

1.Stone Cold–Groove Chronicles
2.Spirit Of The Sun (Lady Spirit Remix)–Lenny Fontana
3.Lost In Vegas–Some Treat
4.You Keep Saying–1st To Go
5.Got To Know Ya–Dubaholics
6.Base Theory–D Base
7.Battle–Wookie Ft Lain
8.Little Man–S.I.A
9.Hey Yo Alright–Strickly Dubz 
10.Cool The Menta –In-Sinc 
11.Thinking of You–Strickly Dubz 
12.Girl It's Alright–Jeremy Sylvester
13.Messin Around (Wideboys Dub)–Once Waz Nice 
14.Music Is My Life–DJ LT & Mr Wise
15.Da Bouncer–Q45 
16.Booo! (Original Dirty Mix)–Sticky Ft Ms. Dynamite
17.Black Puppet–Groove Chronicles
18.So Long (Bump 'N' Flex X-Rated Dub)–Fierce
19.Summer Madness–David Howard 
20.Hobson's Choice–Active Minds
21.1999–Groove Chronicles
22.In The Thick Of It–D.T.I. Ft. Emilee 
23.Gimme Luvin–DJ LT & Mr Wise
24.What's It Gonna Be–Nesha
25.Rush Me (10° Below)–Kele Le Rock
26..Space Rider (MJ Vocal)–Shaun Escoffery
27. Lift Me Up (Groove Chronicles Dub Vocal)–Connie Harvey 
28 I've Been Waiting (Groove Chronicles Dub)–Madie Mayes

Check out my other mixes & tracks Here: -

Support & Follow: 
Soundcloud: @dj-mike-mission 

n2014 mxs

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Flava D Remix)

New remix from Flava D with 'Rock The Boat' by Aaliyah
'Rock The Boat' was originally released in may 2002 in the UK and reached number #12 in the charts.
Flava D hits the track with a UKG beat & a dirty bassline to make your subs sing.


Pay As You Go - Be Real (Street Edit)

"This is ripped from a mix CD hence how it starts with the Ballistix choon.
Btw this was released back in 2000 on 12" on Relentless Records catalogue no.: RRL014T."

One of the largest garage crews, Pay As You Go Cartel is notable as being the starting place for MCs Wiley, Gods Gift, Maxwell D, Breeze and Flow dan, producer Target, and also UK underground music figureheads DJ Slimzee and Geeneus. Along with Heartless Crew and the So Solid Crew, Pay As You Go are recognised as pioneering influences on the grime sound.


KJ & Zed Bias - All The Way

KJ & Zed Bias.
Released 1999 on Vinyl 12" with Sache Recordings (SAC 001).
Vocals.. Unknown? If you know drop a comment below.

Sunship Vs Chunky ‎– Dread Love

Sunship vs Chunky presents 'Dread Love'
Released 1999 on white label, Vinyl 12".

Vinyl Tracklist
A: Dread Love
B: Dreadest Love



Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U (Official Video)


Official Video

"I Luv U" is the debut single by British rapper Dizzee Rascal and the lead single from his debut album Boy in da Corner. The single became Dizzee Rascal's first top forty hit, peaking at number twenty-nine and spending three weeks inside the top seventy-five. It is sometimes mistaken for the second single released by Dizzee Rascal, after number two, Fix Up, Look Sharp.
The song was produced with female vocalist and East London rapper Shystie.
The song is about teenage relationships, teenage pregnancy, undesirable player girls and falling for girls who are using you. More specifically, the song chronicles a relationship where sex is used as blackmail ending up in the eventual breakdown of said relationship when the male character starts fantasizing about a college girl. Although the college girl has escaped the ghetto via education, according to Dizzee, she still gives "ghetto head". These are all things that are said in a joking manner, yet they sound all too real and horrifying.[1] The track was named as one of the best songs released between 2000 and 2003 in the 2008 book The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest Songs from Punk to the Present. 

Released 26th May 2003 on XL, Dirtee Skank


12b4 ova

Wideboys Vs Norris Da Boss & Rose Windross - Destination Weekend


Released May 5th 2004 on the label Garage Jams (GJ011)
Original Mix ft Rose Windross on vocals.
Written by..  Edy Craig, Jim Sullivan, Norris Windross & Rose Windross.



De6o UK Garage Mix

"Only two decks, no CD's and FX. Pops and crackles on some tracks available."


1. Jacquee Bennett - Tell Me (Zed Bias Vocal) 
2. Pseudo - Heartbeat 
3. A Baffled Republic - Bad Boys (Move In Silence) (Blouse N' Skirt Mix) 
4. Todd Edwards - No Scrubs 
5. Ray Hurley - What Goes Around 
6. Todd Edwards & Tuff Jam - One day 
7. Nu-Birth - Anytime (Tuff Jam Mix) 
8. Box Clever - Talk To Me 
9. Dub Syndicate - I Need Your Love (MJ Cole Mix) 
10. Maxim Sinclair - Future Dreams 
11. New Horizons - Find The Path (In Your Mind) 
12. Zak Toms - Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Mix) 
13. Nu Groove - Hear My Words 
14. M.A.D. Productions Feat. Carroll Thompson - Too Late (Underground Dub)



Jameson - Lets Get Together


Taken from Jameson's 1998 Before Sunrise EP.
Lets Get Together (Original Vocal Mix)
Released on Lifestyle Records (LIfe 002)

Vinyl Tracklist
A1: Honey (Jazz In The Mix
A2: Lets Get Together (Original Vocal Mix)
B1: Our Love 98 (Speed Bump Mix)
B2: Bonus Beats & Bass